Justin Bieber will be Served Food for 29 states in India


Preparations are being made for Grammy Award Winner Canadian Sensation Justin Bibar’s visit to India. These include food and drink. During this visit, Justin will be able to enjoy the food of 29 states of India.

Justin’s Purpose Concert is being held at DC Patil Stadium on May 10. IANS quoted sources as saying that after performing in Dubai, Justin will arrive in Mumbai on May 8 from private jet. Arun Jain, the sole sponsor of Purpose Tour in India, will receive them by Mr. Arun Jain, MD of White Fox India. On the first day Justin will indulge in lazy Indian cavalions. Dinner plates made of traditional gold and silver will be provided to all guests who come with Justin. Every one member on these plates will be inscribed in Devanagari. Justin will be able to eat official food of 29 states of India.

On the second day, Justin will travel to Mumbai with his troupe. The sights of Bibar which will be visited are Gateway of India, Kala Ghoda and Money Bhawan. After this, Justin Ayurvedic will enjoy massage and spa. Justin is passionate about massage. Therefore, it has been arranged.

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